Behind the Image: forward-thinking artist Peter Nitsch shares his unique stories on shoot -

Photography in the Metaverse

Photography in the Metaverse

Behind the Image: forward-thinking artist Peter Nitsch shares his unique stories on shoot

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Part of Edition365 2022 – Peter Nitsch shares fascinating insights for some of his selected images

In this instalment of the “Behind the Image” series, we explore the work of German artist, Peter Nitsch. Nitsch’s photographs showcase his keen eye for composition and his ability to capture the essence of his subjects, with each image telling a unique story. We’re thrilled to celebrate that a selection of his work will be included in the Edition365 virtual exhibition as part of the ‘Judge’s Top Picks’.

Recently, we reached out to Peter to talk about the stories behind his winning pieces in the Edition365 virtual exhibition. Among his captivating works selected for the exhibition is a particularly striking photograph titled ‘Stakes is High’, which showcases Munich-based entrepreneur, Charlie Liata.

Stakes is High

Nitsch’s photograph is a breathtaking portrayal of motion, with Liata captured mid-jump in a way that defies gravity. We were fascinated to hear from Nitsch about the inspiration behind this piece, and how it came to be. Peter met Liata through social media in 2019. The two struck up a friendship, and Nitsch then went on to capture the entrepreneur’s energy and spirit through his art.

For the jump photo I met Charlie Liata at the Zirkus Krone (Circus Crown) in Munich. It was January and an ice cold wind was blowing through the streets. The photograph was captured opposite the Zirkus Krone in a side street where the Lions are held in an outside cage. We did not see them, but every time Charlie jumped up high one of the Lions started to roar – that was surreal and sublime.”

In contrast, another one of Peter’s winning entries titled ‘Day 14 at Quarantine Hotel’, captures a quiet moment of peace in the midst of a difficult time. Shot during Nitsch’s 14-day quarantine in Bangkok, featuring dancer and choreographer Jaleea Price, the photograph shows the power of human resilience and the importance of finding moments of lightness even in challenging circumstances.

Day 14 at Quarantine Hotel

One of Nitsch’s most evocative works to be selected is the female Santa photograph, which is part of his The New Normal series. The photograph shows a woman dressed in a Santa suit and wearing a medical mask, highlighting the way that masks have become an everyday part of life in the pandemic. It also reflects the resilience and adaptability of the Thai people, who have integrated masks into their daily lives with candour and serenity.

Female Covid Santa

Nitsch’s cultural background has influenced his work, as he hails from a more rural and sparsely populated part of Germany. His late entry into photography has allowed him to bring a fresh perspective to the art, experimenting with different forms and mediums to create immersive and engaging works.

In addition, Nitsch has been exploring blockchain technology as a way of showcasing and protecting his work. He believes that technology has had a significant impact on the art world, and is excited about the potential of blockchain to provide proof of ownership and open up new opportunities for artists.

Technology advancements have continued to go hand in hand with forward-thinking artistic conceptions and have altered how art is produced and disseminated, opening up new audiences for artists and their creative expressions outside of the traditional boundaries of the art world. We could only speculate as to whether Andy Warhol’s massive body of work would have evolved in the same way if it weren’t for silk-screen printing technologies and going back further in time for Walker Evans’ documentation of the Great Depression of the 1930s if it weren’t for photography technologies.”

We are excited to see that Peter Nitsch’s work has been selected for the Edition365 virtual exhibition, as it showcases the unique perspectives and experiences of his subjects. His photographs are a testament to the power of photography to tell stories and capture moments of beauty, complexity, and resilience.

Peter Nitsch’s images have been selected as Top Picks for Edition365 2022, culminating in an immersive virtual exhibition of works documenting the events between 1st October 2021 and 30th September 2022.

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