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SuperGrannies of Korogocho


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A small secret society of grandmothers have decided that enough is enough.

In a heavily populated slum in Nairobi, grandmothers are often seen as easy targets. “Shoso Jikinge”, which is Swahili for “Grandmother, Protect Yourself”, is a secret society of elderly women skilled in the ancient art of Kung Fu. This group of admirable women have learnt how to box, carefully assess dangerous situations and reliably call for help.

Tobin Jones is an award-winning photographer based in Nairobi who has taken on the honorable duty of documenting the remarkable story of these courageous women. Using a trading card format, Jones has highlighted the incredible strength and power these grandmothers demonstrate in their everyday lives. With 10% net proceeds donated to the SuperGrannies of Korogocho, this collection is brought to you as a group of 12 one of one NFTs.

“…by creating NFTs out of these photographs I’d essentially be transcending several eras of photography. The analog era of film, the digital era of computers, and what I see as the the future era of photography and Web3.”

In this collection, each photograph is taken using rolleiflex film, which doesn’t catch colour. Each print is then digitised and finally coloured by hand. Jones states the beauty demonstrated via this method is incomparable to alternative methods of capturing colour. Although laborious, he believed this method was most fitting for photographing the #SuperGrannies.

Early investors will also receive an archive-quality physical print. The Public Sale for this collection is now live on OpenSea.

#SuperGrannies Giveaway!

Up to 20 collectors who join us on Discord and actively promote #SuperGrannies will be in for a chance to win an exclusive bundle comprising of TWO NFTs of the only group photo in the collection – the trading card NFT and the photograph NFT, with a pre-mint price of +$1,000

See ART3’s twitter and discord for more information and click on the images below to see the Giveaway NFTs available.

#SuperGrannies Drop timeline

Greenlist: Now closed

Presale: Now Closed

Drop date: 5th May 2022 (Open Now)

Community and drop information

The Public Sale is now live here

All NFTs are editions of one, unlockable benefits including a 20″ archive quality print

NFTs are bundled, so collectors will receive TWO NFTs which can be traded independently – the trading card and the photograph

Remaining #SuperGrannies range from 0.4-0.6 ETH / bundled piece depending on rarity

There are just 11 bundled pieces in the collection

There is a giveaway opportunity (above) for up to 20 collectors to win a bundled NFT

Join the dedicated #SuperGrannies discord channel to discuss the collection.

About Tobin Jones

Born in Botswana, in a rural hospital his dad likes to remind him only charged them 17 pula for the privilege, Tobin began his life in the small dusty village of Gumare on the banks of the Okovango Delta. It wasn’t too long though, before his family moved on, this time to the the capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi. It was here Tobin spent the majority of his childhood, riding his bike around town, fighting with his siblings, and generally learning how to be a kid. Finally, when he was 10 his family once again moved up the African continent, this time to Kenya – where Tobin finished up high school.

Having photographed throughout Africa, and sometimes further afield, for the last decade – through his work Tobin has attempted to not only cover the breadth of the continent, but also the diversity within it. This has included stories on Somalia’s fight against Al Shabab and the country’s emergence from more than 20 years of civil war, to transgender issues, and the intersection of modern religion with traditional healing practices in slums.

Tobin holds a bachelor’s degree in International Development, with minors in Economics and Political Science, from McGill University and a Master’s degree in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster. Today he lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where he runs the photo collective NonAligned and works as a freelance photographer and videographer.

Read more about Tobin and see his other projects at  and follow him on twitter @tobinbjones

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