Submissions for the 2022 edition are now closed. Selected works and exhibition information will be announced in November.

Image © Nacoca Ko from the Edition365 NFT collection on OpenSea

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Edition365 was launched last year to create a body of work which now stands as a time capsule of one of the most notable periods in recent history – 365 artworks from hundreds of artists, capturing a shared moment in history from humans all over the world. Now Edition365 returns and invites you to submit your expression of human history.
Conceived to stand as a historical reference for many decades to come, Edition365 is a global and multi-faceted portrait of the last year, uniting the voices of renowned photographers, emerging artists and everyday people alike.


Edition365 returns and invites you to submit your documentation of human history 1 year on. Anybody, from anywhere, practicing any form of expression, is invited to submit an entry. Submissions can be in the forms of photographs, moving images, digital art, musical compositions, spoken word and videos. The work should simply relate – whether directly or indirectly – to any of the significant events that have occurred over the last year.

Visit the 2021 showcase to witness the incredible work curated by ART3 alongside the world’s longest-running photography brand.

The 2022 edition has now closed to new submissions. Entered works made between 1st October 2021 and 30th September 2022 are currently being shortlisted, with winners being announced in November.

What is Edition365?
  • Photography
  • Moving Image
  • Digital Art
  • Musical Compositions
  • Spoken Word
  • Video
    Edition365 is a global and multi-faceted portrait of a year, told through the lens and eyes of creators from all around the world, culminating in a unique virtual exhibition and NFT collection.


    Edition365 2022 is now closed for submissions.

Image © Trey Ratcliff from the Edition365 NFT collection on OpenSea

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ART3 is excited to announce the 6 judges for this year’s Edition365– Justin Aversano, Jean-Michel Pailhon, Gregory Eddi Jones, Libby Porteous, Jeff Excell and Nour Chamoun. Spanning digital art,  photography and crypto native organisations, each person represented on this panel is pioneering the future of NFT visual media.

Gregory Eddi Jones

Editor @fellowshiptrust @obscuradao, Writer, Artist, Curator

DSC08270 copy-modified

Nour Chamoun

Co-Founder @scopioimages, Curator


Libby Porteous

Co-Founder ART3, Writer, Curator

Justin-modified (1)

Justin Aversano

Co-Founder of @SaveArtSpace, @QuantumNFT, @TheRAWdao, Photographer


Jeff Excell

Co-Founder @BigHugsNFT, @synonymsnft, Co-Host of @the_utility_pod, NFT Collector


Jean-Michel Pailhon

Chief of Staff @Ledger, Co-Founder @NFTFactoryParis, Collector

Exhibition Partner:

New Art City’s mission is to develop an accessible toolkit for building virtual installations that show born-digital artifacts alongside digitized works of traditional media

Platform Partner:

Opensea will be our partner platform for this collection

365 days that changed the world.


Can I enter more than once?

Yes, you may enter as many times as you choose.

What kind of work will be considered?

All forms of art will be considered by the judges, including photographs, moving images, digital art, musical compositions, spoken word and short videos. For non image based work you will need to submit a thumbnail image to represent the piece.

Can I pay by PayPal / Cheque / Cash?

We can only accept additional entries paid for with a credit or debit card online.

Where can I find my entry link?

If you have lost your entry link, use the reset form here, to send a reminder to your email address.

Have my images uploaded correctly?

If your images have been uploaded correctly you will see a small version of each photo on the entry page, alongside the caption you entered. If you cannot see your photo, then your image has not been uploaded correctly. If a caption has been stored but no image, you can delete it using the Edit option.

I can’t upload my images – I see a green bar, it says 100%, but that’s it

Our image uploader is designed to work with all modern web browsers, but some – in particular, Internet Explorer 11 – aren’t able to use it. If you are unable to upload your images please download a modern browser (we recommend Google Chrome).

Can I send my photos by email / WeTransfer / on DVD / some other way

We can only accept images that are uploaded using our entry system. This ensures that each one is logged with your entry details, and made available to our judges.

I uploaded one image, and now want to go back to upload more, but the system will not let me do so – what’s wrong?

Either the award deadline has passed, or you have previously submitted your entry to the judges. In order to do so you will have read a notice warning you, and ticked a box confirming your understanding that doing so would prevent you from making any further changes.

There isn’t enough room for my image title, artist statement or other text

Please note the maximum lengths that apply to these texts. The length limits are noted on the form used to enter them and are given in characters (letters), not words.

I can’t see the option to submit my entry

The Submit button appears at the top of your entry page once you have uploaded at least one image.

What happens when I submit my entry?

Your entry will be confirmed on a web page after submitting, and then we will send you a confirmation email, and your images (along with their captions, statements etc) are stored, ready to be viewed by the judges.

I have submitted my entry – can I change it?

No, once your entry has been submitted you may no longer alter it in any way.

Could you please check my images / text / entry?

Due to the sheer volume of entries, we are unable to check entries on an individual basis. Please ensure that you are happy with your images and statement before submitting them.

Can you please provide an invoice for my entry?

Your entry confirmation email includes a full VAT invoice, we can not provide any other invoice request.

Award terms

Edition365 is an open call to artists from all over the world – a celebration of diversity in both subject and creator. All are welcome to participate.


All artworks, whether previously minted as NFTs or not are eligible to be submitted, as long as the artists retains appropriate copyright or license to do so. All artworks submitted will be eligible for inclusion in the virtual exhibition. Previously minted artworks, which have been sold as specified editions, will not be eligible for curation in ART3’s Edition365 NFT collection.


Professional and non-professional photographers and artists from all over the world are eligible to enter.


The NFT collection will be curated by ART3 following the close of calls to entry (deadline 30th September 2022). Pricing and related information will be shared with artists and approval sought prior to listing any artworks for sale.


Artworks can be made with any analogue or electronic device, and may be portrait, landscape or square in format.


Each entrant will be deemed to warrant that they own the entire copyright for the work or that they have permission from the licensee and/or copyright owner/s for the use.


Non image based artworks will require a thumbnail to be submitted to represent the artwork in a gallery and preview.


Each image can be a maximum of 10MB in size. All images must be submitted as JPEG files – any files submitted in any other format (including TIFF, PDF, PSD etc) will be discarded.


You may submit a title and caption for each artwork entered. For additional multiple entry bundles, you can also provide an artist’s statement (1000 character limit). All accompanying text must be written in English.


Deadline: 30th September 2022

Entrants have an additional 24 hours following this deadline to finalise and submit their entry.

Judging will take place shortly after the deadline.


Once your images and captions have been uploaded to the system you will see an option to submit your entry. Once submitted, your entry cannot be altered. Only submitted entries will be viewed by the judges.


The winners must be available to supply high-res files promptly for publication.

Digital files of the winning images will be created for press and publicity purposes.

_ Limited (“ART3”) cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to submitted work.


No copyright is transferred to ART3 in respect of any works entered or accepted.


ART3 reserves the right to display, reproduce and publish in any media, any entry, without payment, for the sole purpose of Edition365 – this year and in future – and its promotion and publicity.


The 2022 exhibition details will be confirmed at a later date, please stay up to date with ART3 on social media and email for further related announcements


A selection of submitted images will be published through ART3 digital channels during the calls to entry.

Participation in the NFT sale is not compulsory as a condition of winning.


You will be asked to pay for your additional entries by Credit Card. All payments are handled securely by our payment partner Stripe. After payment, you will receive an email containing a personal upload URL, where you may submit your images and statement.


All entry purchases are final. Having purchased an entry, it is your responsibility to upload and submit your images and statement before the deadline. No refunds will be issued.


All entries are subject to ART3’s General Competition Terms and Conditions