About ART3

Originating from the oldest market-maker in photography, with a mission to explore photography in the Metaverse.
This is ART3. A better way to discover, collect, buy and sell NFT photographic art.

ART3 was launched in October 2021 by 1854, publisher of British Journal of Photography – the world’s oldest and most influential photography title – and host to the most viewed photographic exhibitions across the globe. 

With a mission to educate, help photographers find their place in the NFT space, and enable collectors to embrace blue chip photographic art from the emerging artists of tomorrow, ART3 quickly established as a leading platform for NFT photography. 

Our first drops have represented dozens of talented photographers, many entering the space for the first time, and generated more than $200,000 in NFT sales, with some collections seeing early secondary activity. 

ART3 is now a completely independent company and open to collaboration with artists, collectors, institutions and WEB3 platforms who are seeking to expand the footprint of high quality photographic art in the NFT space. Get in touch





ART3 was founded by Marc Hartog, a media entrepreneur who sold his previous company to focus on the multitude of opportunities for artists and collectors that WEB3 & NFTs make possible.

He was joined in March 2022 by Libby Porteous, an artist & curator who has developed a profound understanding of blockchain and NFT technology. Libby is the ART3 lead for marketing, partnerships and collector relations.