16 of this year’s brightest emerging photographers, as nominated by the international authorities on photographic talent

ART3.io presents this tenth anniversary edition, dedicated to discovering the greatest fine art photographers of tomorrow, curated by the oldest photography brand in the world – British Journal of Photography (established 1854).

Each year, renowned thought leaders from the arts & culture world nominate individuals at the start of their careers who are making outstanding work, and ART3.io curates a selection of the best of the best whose work we showcase in a dedicated Talent Issue. The Ones To Watch alumni include many iconic photographic artists now at the pinnacle of their careers. 

This year’s nominees are drawn from across the globe – from Belarus and Myanmar to Japan, Sudan and beyond – and represent a new generation of image-makers who have adapted and innovated with their practice, following a year of great challenges.


For the first time, ART3.io presents a curated selection of 80 works from these 16 emerging artists, as unique NFT editions of 1.

Meet the photographers:

Alex Blanco
Asafe Ghalib
Kenji Chiga
Kyle Jeffers
Rehab Eldalil
Tayo Adekunle

Thank you to our global network of nominators

Hannah Abel-Hirsch | Alejandro Acín | Campbell Addy | Rahaab Allana | Peggy Sue Amison | Franek Ammer | Mariama Attah | Arnis Balcus | Chiara Bardelli Nonino | MC Barnes | Jacqueline Bates | Vladimir Bírgus | Emma Bowkett | MaryAnn Camilleri | Alessandra Capodacqua | Ricardo Cases | Zelda Cheatle | Federica Chiocchetti | Jörg Colberg | Simindokht Dehghani | Iñaki Domingo | Ruth Eichhorn | Adama Delphine Fawundu | Gem Fletcher | Pavlos Fysakis | David Brandon Geeting | Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh | Jean-Christophe Godet | Ángel Luis González | Yumi Goto | Evita Goze | Peipei Han | Holly Hay | Nathalie Herschdorfer | Sarah Høilund | Sohrab Hura | Hester Keijser | Milo Keller | Erik Kessels | Sunyoung Kim | Orsolya Kőrösi | Jason Koxvold | Jack Latham | Olivier Laurent | Quil Lemons | Andrei Liankevich | Jeanne Mercier | Cristina de Middel | Rafał Milach | Mimi Mollica | Sid Motion | Kosuke Okahara | Alona Pardo | Penelope Petsini | Sarah Piegay Espenon | Sarker Protick | Izabela Radwanska Zhang | Elias Redstone | Arianna Rinaldo | Shane Rocheleau | Holly Roussell | Farah Al Qasimi | Mariela Sancari | Aaron Schuman | Laura Serani | Tom Seymour | Shadman Shahid | Johan Sjöström | Miwa Susuda | István Virágvölgyi | Salvatore Vitale | Sofia Vollmer de Maduro | Erik Vroons | Marigold Warner | Becky Warnock | Donald Weber | Emmeline Yong | Anna Zekria