Nominated by Yumi Goto (Curator; Publisher; Founder of Reminders, Tokyo)


Born in Japan in 1982. Graduated from Osaka University.

He specializes in visualizing invisible and difficult to photograph subjects using a conceptual approach.

He has produced documentaries based mainly on research, and has been described by Independent curator Yumi Goto “He is one of the photographers who comes to mind when I want to present a visual narrative of contemporary social, cultural and historical issues in Japan to the world, His ability to visualise complex narrative structures is unparalleled.”. and His hand-made photo books also have been highly acclaimed.

He was awarded the Grand Prix at the 16th Photo “1_wall”, the shortlist for The Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles, and the Best New Photographer Award at the Dali International Photography Festival.

Project Statement: 

The paper soaked in water began to fall apart in a flash, and the image that had been there just a moment ago was now wavering on the edge of my memory. What was there?
One of the most famous phone scam is called Oreore sagi (It’s me scam).
90 percent of these scams are committed by young people, and their background is thought to be the generation gap, poverty among young people, black companies, and anxiety about the future. While I somewhat sympathize with the narrative of how vulnerable they are, I don’t think that is a reason to approve of crime, but it is difficult for me to answer the question of what kind of solution is possible.
My mother is one of the targets of this scam, because her name was on the list of criminals seized by the police.
The scammers only knew she from the list. Name, phone number, address, son’s name, average savings for her age group.
At the same time, we do not know who the perpetrators are. In some respects, they are consumed only with anger because of the act of deceiving the elderly.
In order to visualize their “invisibility,” I repeatedly printed photos on water-soluble paper and dissolved them in water, based on the story that fraudulent groups print documents on water-soluble paper and dissolve them in water to destroy evidence. As a result, I created several images, and in the process, I realized that this water is our society.
In other words, it is a society where perpetrators and victims disappear from existence and blend in, it is a society as a cause of distortion that has driven perpetrators to commit crimes for various reasons, and it is a society as a colorless and invisible group.
In addition, the portraits of young people and old women are of me as a possible perpetrator and victim who has changed my self portrait with a Faceapp.
An invisible link connects us to crime.