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Photography in the Metaverse

Photography in the Metaverse

‘An Invitation’ to celebrate and encourage #NFTphotography

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We are currently sitting in a very unique period of time where traditional artists of all kinds are stumbling across blockchain technology. As more and more photographers find their footing, it is becoming increasingly apparent that #NFTphotography is here to stay.

I have always found myself stuck between two quite contrasting passions; fine art and science. My compulsion for needing to understand how things work often leads me down unusual paths, however I’d rather describe this one as a rabbit hole. Once I’d understood the science of NFTs it dawned on me that this technology both fueled my appreciation for art and for science. I was hooked.

A few months down the line, after I had made a cozy home at the very bottom of the rabbit hole, I started to notice something unusual happening…  Photographers from my Instagram feed began appearing in my NFT twitter feed. I was overwhelmed with excitement as I realized the potential NFTs had to offer photography. Proof of Origin, Traceability with continued royalties, Verified Ownership providing value for collectors/artists. And last but not least, a global network with an abundance of supportive communities to share and appreciate the art together, the Metaverse.

One thing all of these communities have in common is that they have fully understood the potential of NFTs and this understanding has formed a very powerful alliance where each individual strives to encourage the next. Our current challenge is to spread this positive energy of innovation and make blockchain relatable to a wider audience.

“When it comes to early adoption, invisible technologies are often the hardest for humans to relate with. It takes a lot of time and stories to gain a narrative that becomes viable. This is blockchain technology’s problem too.” Olawale Daniel

I am on a mission to make blockchain relatable. 

‘An Invitation’ is a virtual NFT exhibition designed to uplift the NFT photography community by celebrating those photographers who have already found the blockchain and to encourage new artists and collectors to join the community.

In unity with the invitational goals of the exhibition, the photographs will follow a harmonious theme: Photographs which bring forth an Invitation. 

Originally minted as part of Edition365, one particular photograph stands as the crown jewels of the exhibition as it was this piece which inspired the theme and concept of the project. 

‘Boy.’ by Mark Forbes

In ‘Boy.’ by Mark Forbes, the orchestrated placement of a precariously balanced paper plane at the very edge of the windowsill openly invites the viewer to interact. He turns a scene from what might seem, at first glance as mundane, into an ignition of interest. We find ourselves fighting an urge to grasp the plane and enthusiastically launch it through the window.

“I am motivated by looking for the beauty in the ordinary, and finding a sense of interest in scenes or spaces that most people may overlook.” Mark Forbes

As Forbes’ very first NFT, ‘Boy.’ represents every aspect of the exhibition. A celebration, an invitation and a clear demonstration of what this technology can offer new artists and collectors.

Simon Roberts, Rhiannon Adam, Andy Feltham and Natalie Christensen will be featuring alongside Forbes as the 5 headlining photographers. Each contributes a unique take on the invitational theme and has accepted a special duty to help judge the open call submissions. Following a 2 week open call, myself (exhibition director) and Marc Hartog (founder of ART3), alongside the 5 artists, will select the final 15 NFT photographs to exhibit.

Every photograph within the exhibition will link to an individual blockchain home. The project takes zero commission and allows each artist to house their NFT on whichever platform they wish at whatever price they please.

Find Mark Forbes image which was the inspiration behind the exhibition on OpenSea here, currently available on the secondary market. Two of Mark’s other works are available on the primary market with an archive quality print.

Doors to ‘An Invitation’ will open in March. Follow @Proudlemon for exhibition updates and once we have launched, you can access the 3D world here.

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