Photography in the Metaverse

James tells ART3’s discord community about the inspiration behind #JAPES, and shares stories of shooting apes in the wild

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All the 52 individual works included in #JAPES are now available to purchase as unique NFT editions on OpenSea. NFTs include an archive quality certificated print for the initial buyer, and 10% of net proceeds will be donated to the sanctuaries who rescued the apes and invited James in with his camera.   

James talks to ART3 about his genesis NFT drop and we share his previous Ted Talk and a documentary VICE made about James’s work

Click to listen to James’s first discord AMA (Ask Me Anything), on the dedicated #JAPES discord channel

Beautifully made documentary about James Mollison by VICE, and his Ted Talk

James Mollison’s powerful portraits of the great apes are being minted as NFTs for the first time by as #JAPES, with 10% of net proceeds from the sale going to the ape sanctuaries in Africa who rescued these animals and invited James in with his camera.

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