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Photography in the Metaverse

Photography in the Metaverse

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Saatchi Art in conversation with ART3: Aine Foran & Libby Porteous

Reading Time: 13 minutes “So I think that is actually the most valuable thing that people can do in the space is if you like something, share it. Don’t just look at it and move on. Share it, help push it out there and then hopefully it will find its first collector. If you can’t be that.” -Libby Porteous Read More

19 December 2022

Building the Creator Economy and Bringing Photo NFTs On Chain – Panel at NFT.London 2022

Reading Time: 15 minutes “…if you look back at how the photo has evolved in ’92, ’93 you had what’s called the JPEG. JPEG stands for joint Photography Expert Group. We no longer say hey, send me a JPEG. We say send me a photo. MP3, back in the day you were extreme MP3. Now you just say what’s that song on Spotify? So I do think the NFT as an extension is going to slowly disappear and it will just basically be the evolution of technology.” -Simon Hudson Read More

29 November 2022