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Owls Looking at Owls


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Ever considered grabbing coffee with a with a fully-fledged furry companion?


When visiting a bar called ‘Pakuchi’, Mollison was delighted to discover his first Japanese coffee served with a side of owl love and during his unusual experience, he took the opportunity to photograph his new delightfully diverse friends. 

If not bizarre enough, each owl residing at ‘Pakuchi’ is named after the owner’s favourite musicians. This includes Kurt Cobain, a northern white-faced owl; Led Zeppelin, a chaco owl; and Marilyn Manson, a southern boobook owl. 

Owls Looking at Owls: #TimeToBeSeen NFT collection presents nineteen of these Japanese staring owls as a drop in celebration of Mollison’s recent acclaimed collection ‘James & Other Apes’ (#JAPES) – where just 1 of 52 pieces remain on the primary market – which has recently exhibited at Decentral Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2022.

Tapping into the recent craze of blockchain birds, each of the 19 owls reminds us of the need to be seen. Find the full collection with comparable ‘Moonbird’ traits here.

Kurt (Kurt Cobain)

Patti (Patti Smith)

Kate (Kate Bush)

Led (Led Zeppelin)

Manson (Marilyn Manson)

About James Mollison

James is a British photographer who started life in Kenya, grew up in England and now lives in Venice. His work is defined by original concepts applied to social and cultural themes. After studying Art and Design at Oxford Brookes University and then film and photography at Newport School of Art and Design, he moved to Italy to work at Benetton’s creative lab, Fabrica, later working as creative editor of Colors Magazine with Patrick Waterhouse.

James has won a multitude of awards including the Royal Photographic Society’s Vic Odden Award for notable achievement in the art of photography by a British photographer aged 35 or under.

He is the author of several books including ‘Where Children Sleep’, an ongoing project about children around the world and their bedrooms, a new edition of which will be published by Aperture in 2022.

His work has appeared in publications throughout the world and been extensively exhibited and collected by some of the most notable museums and institutions.

Read more about James and see his other projects at jamesmollison.com and follow him on twitter @MollisonJames

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Owls Looking At Owls #TimeToBeSeen

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