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The 2021 winners have been announced!

Female in Focus

Back for its third edition, Female in Focus champions the work of world-class women and non-binary photographers across the world.
*Female in Focus is a space built for all women (e.g. cis, trans and intersex) as well as non-binary artists

Awareness around gender inequality in the industry may be growing. But the numbers aren’t changing fast enough.

Globally, 70-80% of photography students are women — yet they account for only 13-15% of professional photographers.

Why enter

Get exhibited in a group show

20 images and two bodies of work will be exhibited in a group show in collaboration with the Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA)  in Miami later this year. Previous venues include Photoville and Artspace in New York City.

Get judged by industry leaders

Judges this year include leading women from The New Yorker, Women Photographers International Archive and international galleries and publications.

Receive international press coverage

Past winners have been featured in Vogue Italia, the Guardian, the Times and more.

Prize list

Prize list

Stories Category

  • Two winning series will be exhibited as part of a group show in Miami at the Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA)
  • NEW: Your work as part of a major UK Exhibition
  • Receive international press coverage
  • Be featured on 1854.photography

Single Image Category

  • 20 winning images will be exhibited as part of the group show in Miami at the Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA)
  • NEW: Your work as part of a major UK exhibition
  • Receive international press coverage
  • Be featured on 1854.photography
  • Have your work judged by industry leaders

Stories Category

  • Two winning series will be exhibited as part of a group show in New York
  • Winners from this category will be flown to New York for the opening of the exhibition, with return flights and two nights of accommodation included
  • Receive international press coverage
  • Be featured on 1854.photography

Single Image Category

  • 20 winning images will be exhibited as part of the group show
  • Receive international press coverage
  • Be featured on 1854.photography
  • Have your work judged by industry leaders


Each year Female in Focus is judged by a panel of leading international women in photography. More judges to be announced soon!

Aldeide Delgado

Founder and Director of Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA)

Joanna Milter

Director of photography for The New Yorker

Anahita Ghabaian-Etehadieh

Founder and Director of Silk Road Gallery

Adama Delphine Fawundu

Visual Artist & Co-author of MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora

Emmeline Yong

Co-Founder and Centre Director of Objectifs

Holly Fraser

Editor-in-chief of WePresent/WeTransfer

Louise Fedotov-Clements

Artistic Director, QUAD & Director, FORMAT International Photography Festival Derby

Anna Fox

Photographer and Director of Fast Forward: Women in Photography

Touria El Glaoui

Founding Director, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Hear from our past winners


Meet the photographers whose work has smashed through the glass ceiling. Many are now internationally established names.

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Free applications for photographers in low-income locations

Women and non-binary photographers located in non-high-income countries can apply to Female in Focus 2021 for free. Are you eligible? See the list of qualifying countries, and complete the form via the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the exhibition is unable to go ahead due to COVID-19?

The team are very aware of potential complications caused by hosting a physical exhibition. We will be working with the gallery/exhibition space to accommodate any changes that occur as a result. When the exhibition does go ahead, it will be under the guidelines provided by the government at the time.

What benefit is there for me to enter if the exhibition doesn’t go ahead due to COVID-19?

Should the exhibition not be able to go ahead, the 1854 team are dedicated to ensuring that your work still receives exposure through digital outputs via the 1854 Network, international publicity and other opportunities to help your practice grow.

I have lost the email with my entry link

If you have lost your entry, use the reset form here, to send a reminder to your email address.

Can I pay by PayPal / Cheque / Cash?

We can only accept entries paid for with a credit or debit card online

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Yes, you may enter as many times as you choose.

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Female in Focus is an award dedicated to celebrating women in photography. We welcome entries from a multitude of female voices, including anyone who identifies as a woman.


Professional and non-professional photographers from all over the world are eligible to enter.


Images can be shot using any camera model (film or digital) or electronic device, and images may be portrait, landscape or square in format.


Each entrant will be deemed to warrant that they own the entire copyright for the work or that they have permission from the licensee and/or copyright owner/s for the uses.


Each image can be a maximum of 10MB in size. All images must be submitted as JPEG files – any files submitted in any other format (including TIFF, PDF, PSD etc) will be discarded.


You may submit a title (200 character limit) and caption (750 character limit) for each photograph entered. For the Stories Category, you can also provide an artist’s statement (1000 character limit). All accompanying text must be written in English.


We are accepting entries until the 17 June 2021 23:59 (UK time).

Judging will take place shortly after the deadline.


There is no time frame for the images


Images do not need to feature a woman as the subject to be eligible for this award.



Once your images and captions have been uploaded to the system you will see an option to submit your entry. Once submitted, your entry cannot be altered. Only submitted entries will be viewed by the judges.


The winners must be available to supply high-res files promptly for publication.


Digital files of the winning images will be created for press and publicity purposes.


1854 Media & British Journal of Photography cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to submitted work.


No copyright is transferred to 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography in respect of any works entered or accepted.


1854 Media & British Journal of Photography reserve the right to display, reproduce and publish in any media, any entry, without payment, for the sole purpose of Female in Focus – this year and in future – and its promotion and publicity.


The 2020 exhibition will take place in El Barrio’s Artspace in July 2021. The winners of the 2021 edition will be exhibited this year in a gallery based in both Miami and the UK

1854 Media will organise and cover costs from the framing, printing and production of the Female in Focus show.


A selection of images will be published through 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography digital channels.


You will be asked to pay for your entry by Credit Card. All payments are handled securely by our payment partner Stripe. After payment, you will receive an email containing a personal upload URL, where you may submit your images and statement.


All entry purchases are final. Having purchased an entry, it is your responsibility to upload and submit your images and statement before the deadline. No refunds will be issued.


In order to receive your award status, you must be subscribed to the Awards Communications list on our mailing system. If you have not received your status after the deadline, you must simply resubscribe by filling out a form to our newsletter list.


Please note that 1854 Access members entering awards as part of their membership (as opposed to a paid entry) will be required to remain a member throughout the periods when awards are judged and exhibitions/outputs are planned, for their entries to be eligible.

All entries are subject to 1854 Media’s General Competition Terms and Conditions

Our mission is to empower women-identifying people the world over to own their own stories. Are you our next winner?