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Photography in the Metaverse

Photography in the Metaverse

Would you say yes to grabbing coffee with Kurt Cobain? – Introducing ‘Owls Looking at Owls’ by James Mollison

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If you had the chance, would you say yes to grabbing coffee with Kurt Cobain?

Admittedly this question is slightly misleading as this particular ‘Kurt Cobain’ isn’t a questionably troubled grunge performer from the 90s… but in fact a small Northern White-faced Owl with a discerning gaze. Kurt is one of 19 owls from our newest upcoming drop, ‘Owls Looking At Owls’ by creator of acclaimed NFT collection #JAPES by James Mollison. Majestic yet adorable, the piercing glare of each of these interesting owls remind us that it’s #TimeToBeSeen.

When visiting a bar called ‘Pakuchi’, Mollison was delighted to discover his first Japanese coffee served with a side of owl love and during his unusual experience, he took the opportunity to photograph his new delightfully diverse friends. If not bizarre enough, Kurt isn’t the only owl with a music-inspired name, in fact every owl residing at ‘Pakuchi’ is named after the owner’s favourite musicians. This includes Chemi (The chemical Brothers), a black banded owl; Led Zeppelin, a chaco owl; and Patti Smith, a barn owl. 

Photographed in a similar repetitive passport-style format to #JAPES, Mollison emphasises the powerful glare of each and every one of these striking birds.

Owls’ night-vision eyes are striking in their enormity, weighing up to 5 percent of the birds’ total body mass. Their direct stare is a function of their physiology, since their eyes don’t move in the sockets. But the birds make up for it by being able to swivel their heads up to 270 degrees in either direction.

Similarly to how #JAPES taps into the zeitgeist of monkeys in the Metaverse, ‘Owls Looking At Owls’ jumps into recent craze of blockchain birds. With comparable ‘Moonbird’ traits, each captivating glare of the 19 owls reminds us of the need to be seen. Find the full collection attached with ‘Moonbird’ traits here.

Morrison (Jim Morrison)

Costello (Elvis Costello)

Cure (The Cure)

Kurt (Kurt Cobain)

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Owls Looking At Owls #TimeToBeSeen

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