Introducing ‘The Constructed Self’ by fine art photographer Karen Navarro -

Photography in the Metaverse

Photography in the Metaverse

Introducing ‘The Constructed Self’ by fine art photographer Karen Navarro

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Each unique sculptural portrait is now minted onto the Foundation platform with a buy now price of 1 ETH for each unique static image and the four animated digital sculptures being listed for auction with a reserve price of 1.25 ETH. Each primary 1/1 NFT collector has the option to claim an archive quality print.

ART3 is excited to launch ‘The Constructed Self’ by fine art photographer Karen Navarro. #ConstructedSelf is a widely exhibited collection of 14 1/1 puzzling NFT portraits which utilise collage to represent the crossover of multiple themes that work to form our definition of identity. Karen’s unique and widely acclaimed sculptural techniques are translated here for Web3 as digital sculptures for the first time.

4 pieces within the collection of 14 use an animated GIF format. The GIFS swiftly flick through alignments resulting in the viewer pondering the permanence of identity. These special items are now listed for auction on the Foundation Platform.

Karen Navarro has won numerous awards and grants for her mixed-media photography. Her portraits are known for pushing the boundaries of traditional photography and the use of colour and you are now invited to buy pieces from a buy now price of 1 ETH.

Read Navarro’s bio here

You can keep up with all things #ConstructedSelf on the dedicated Discord channel. Here you can get to know the artist and the story behind each of these puzzling portraits.

The Constructed Self: #ConstructedSelf

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