Photography in the Metaverse

1854 Presents: Adam Broomberg and Antony Cairns on NFTs, the digital revolution, and the future of photography

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In our latest collaborative discussion partnering with the photographic network Le Book, writer, editor and curator Tom Seymour talks NFTs, the digital revolution, and the future of photography with digital artists Adam Broomberg and Antony Cairns.

South Africa-born, Germany based photographer Broomberg’s latest works have explored the artistic potentials for blockchain technologies, and soon opens his first solo exhibition at signs and symbols. International photographer Antony Cairns has been navigating the technological city in his works for over a decade, with his latest exhibition reflecting on mechanical reproductions in photography, both past and present. Here, the two ask how the photographic landscape will develop even further over the next decade, as well as the split ownership blockchain technology can provide for subject and photographer.

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